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Dick Warren
Age 69    Greeley, CO    May 16 2012
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Source: When Dick Dougherty began riding with Dick Warren a few years ago, a hill on Weld County Road 31 as it crosses Colo. 392 betrayed Warren's inexperience in the saddle. Past the flat, easy riding of the cornfields and the sky stretching overhead was the hill, a steep climb that even the local studs would use to prepare for Rist Canyon or Ride the Rockies or the Triple Bypass. And Warren struggled with it many times at first, sometimes to the point of leaving it for another day. But Warren started to earn his place along some of Greeley's most dedicated riders because he never gave up on it, and soon after he crested it, he began riding with the passion few could match, even those guys half his age, five years after a quadruple bypass. He was a founding member of El Grupo, a social riding group filled with older guys as ornery and determined as him. Last year he joined Dougherty for 2,000 miles of riding, and some of them covered hills much steeper and longer than the one on Weld 31. He was on one of those rides Wednesday by himself, a gut-buster up Two Rivers Parkway, when a car hit him head-on. The crash left him “pretty much crushed from head to toe,” said his youngest daughter, Juel Rae, 38, of Loveland. He suffered many broken bones, but the worst of it is a brain injury that leaves Warren in a coma, on life support and fighting for his life under minute-by-minute care at Denver Health Medical Center, where he was flown after the first few hours at North Colorado Medical Center. He died on May 27, 2012. Mark Christensen, 67, of Greeley, was driving north on Two Rivers near Weld 396 when he crossed over and slammed into Warren, who was riding south on the shoulder, according to a report from the Colorado State Patrol. Warren was wearing a helmet, but there's only so much a bicyclist can do against a car. Many said they aren't angry at Christensen and even said of all the drivers in Greeley and the area, many, even the increased truckers from the oil fields, were gracious. But they also said the crash is another example of drivers who need to pay more attention to cyclists who simply want to share the road, not take it over. Christensen was cited for careless driving causing death.

Collision Data

Crash time: between 9 a.m. and 11:59 a.m.

Closest Intersection: County Road 396

Land use: Rural

Road type: Rural Arterial

Where on the road the collision happened: Shoulder

Collision type: Head on

Driver Data

Vehicle type: Automobile

At crash time driver was: Operating the Vehicle in Careless or Inattentive Manner


Source: News Report
Type: Newspaper
Pos/Neg: Neutral
Link if Website: http://www.greeleytribune.com/article/20120529/NEWS/705299977/1002&parentprofile=1

Source: News Report
Type: Newspaper
Pos/Neg: Neutral
Link if Website: http://www.greeleytribune.com/article/20120521/NEWS/705219973

Legal Status

Legal status: Felony
Against: Against Driver
Civil Suit filed?:
In favor of:
Type of Charge: careless driving and causing bodily injury, careless driving causing death


  • Crystal DeKrey May 30 2012

    My heart goes out to the family and friends that have lost such an inspiring man.

    Truly heartbreaking for everyone involved.


    • Michelle Roberts June 19 2012

      My husband and I attended church with Dick and his wife, Robbie for a period of time.  The memory we have of Dick is one of a very kind-hearted, loving man who always had a smile on his face.  Our prayers are with the family during this very difficult time.

      • Christine Packwood June 26 2012

        Dick was like a father to me and he is so missed. He was a compassionate, loving and gentle man with so much faith in god. What happened to him was unfair and uncalled for. In a split second this accident impacted several people’s lives and raises many questions regarding the judicial system when it comes to careless drivers. The thought that the driver that hit Dick was able to get in his vehicle and drive away makes me sick. Harsher LAWS need to be inflicted.

        • Juel Rae June 26 2012

          I am Dick Warren’s daughter.  My dad was hit head on by a vehicle driving in the wrong direction around 11 am.  The accident happend on 05/16 and my dad passed away on 05/27.  There is so many wonderful things I could say about my dad but it’s important to me that the facts of the accident are accurate.

          • Juel Rae June 26 2012

            Please also share this article.


            • Deborah Maresca December 27 2012

              My sympathy to Dick’s family and friends. Mountain Top Cycling Club is doing a Ride of Silence May 15, 2013. We would like to read Dicks story and honor him and other cyclists that have been killed or injured by motorists. There is no charge for this event. http://www.mountaintopcyclingclub.com

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