Henry J. Ellowitz
Henry J. Ellowitz
Age 69    Dunedin, FL    November 04 2012
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Source: A Clearwater bicyclist is dead Sunday after a tree branch became stuck in his spokes on the Dunedin Causeway and caused him to flip over his handlebars, deputies say. Henry J. Ellowitz, 69, was riding his bicycle on Causeway Boulevard on Sunday afternoon. He was the top of the drawbridge traveling east, about to head down, when Pinellas County Sheriff's deputies say they believe he struck a tree branch sometime around 4:15 p.m. Deputies from the Major Accident Investigation Team said the branch became lodged in his front spokes causing his front tire to lock. As a result, Ellowitz vaulted over the handlebars. Two witnesses who were in vehicles traveling in the same direction as Ellowitz stopped immediately and began to assist him. Dunedin certified nurse assistant Jill Kurtzke, 53, and Tampa EMT David Rogers, 41, found Ellowitz unresponsive, deputies report. They began CPR and continued until Dunedin Fire Rescue paramedics arrived, deputies report. Ellowitz was taken to Mease Dunedin Hospital, where he was pronounced dead at 5:16 p.m., deputies report. The Causway closed to traffic for 20 minutes initially, and then reopened to one lane of traffic until deputies completed their investigation. Ellowitz was wearing a helmet, deputies report.

Collision Data

Crash time: between 3 p.m. and 5:59 p.m.

Closest Intersection:

Land use: Urban

Road type: Urban Arterial

Where on the road the collision happened: Road

Collision type: None

Driver Data

Vehicle type: No other vehicle involved

If truck: Unknown

At crash time driver was: other

At crash time cyclist was: Other

At crash time cyclist was: branch lodged in front spokes of bike


Source: News Report
Type: Blog
Pos/Neg: Negative
Link if Website: http://dunedin.patch.com/articles/bicyclist-dies-in-accident-on-dunedin-causeway

Legal Status

There is no information on legal status at this point.


  • Barbara Ellowitz November 08 2012

    I’m his wife of 48yrs! I’m an RN who worked in ER. I’m well aware of bike safety. It took me years to get him to wear a helmet. I begged him not to ride in the dark. It was getting dark with patches of fog. I told him I would come and pick him up anytime. He never called. I told him to stay on the bike trail. We have fifty miles of the Pinellas Trail in Clearwater, Fl. It was one of the reasons we retired here. He was in the road in order to go faster. He would get the bike up to 40 miles per hour. I told him the speed was unsafe! I’m writing this not as a “I told you” I’m writing this so other people will obey bike safety and not leave all these broken hearts behind!

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