James Weiss
James Weiss
Age 46    Kimberly, WI    August 04 2012
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Source Officials say a car crashed into a bicyclist at the intersection of Kimberly Avenue and Wilbur Street just after midnight Saturday. The Fox Valley Metro Police Department responded to the scene. James Weiss, a 46-year-old Kimberly man, was on the bike and was transported to Theda Clark Medical Center in Neenah with life-threatening injuries. Weiss suffered serious head trauma. Officials said Weiss underwent emergency surgery and remains in critical condition. Police say the driver was a 19-year-old woman from Little Chute. Officials also called in state patrol to help assist with reconstruction. Kimberly Avenue was closed for hours Saturday morning but later reopened. Officials haven't said what caused the crash.

Collision Data

Crash time: Unknown

Closest Intersection: S Wilbur St

Land use: Urban

Road type: Urban Arterial

Where on the road the collision happened: Intersection

Collision type: Unknown

Driver Data

Vehicle type: Automobile

If truck: Unknown

At crash time driver was: Don't Know


Source: News Report
Type: TV
Pos/Neg: Negative
Link if Website: http://www.fox11online.com/dpp/news/local/fox_cities/vehicle-hits-bicyclist-in-kimberly

Legal Status

There is no information on legal status at this point.


  • Pam Morris September 06 2012

    It’s been over a month since Jim passed away from this accident.  To date, we’ve not heard anything from the police department as far as charges being filed against the person who hit him.  My husband and I were close friends of Jim’s.  His parents have been trying to get info as well.  The police department indicates they are waiting for information from the State accident reconstruction department and are expecting something today.  I’m sure the various areas are working hard, but it seems like there have been so many roadblocks along the way as far as getting information.  I’ve been told the motorist was uninsured.  It’s illegal to drive a car without insurance inthe State of Wisconsin.  We also know that Jim was a frequent bicyclist.  He didn’t have a helmet, but he did have a light on his bike.  Nothing will bring him back, but we just don’t want anyone to forget what has happened.  Thanks for your website and all the work you do to honor those who are killed in accidents.

    • Brittney Sprecher October 02 2012

      I knew Jim for years. Very good man. Always had a smile and a friendly word when I saw him. I sometimes still half expect to see him on his pedal bike when I drive down Kimberly Ave. I know it will not bring Jim back but I feel the person who ended his life deserves punishment. Last I heard- the driver was a 19 year old female that was texting when she hit Jim, then proceeded to hit 3 trees after him. Even had he wore a helmet & survived, he’d have been in rough shape. It makes me wonder who she is & why the local law enforcement haven’t done anything to punish the crime. RIP Jim, you are dearly missed.

      • Mary Weiss October 06 2012

        I am Jim’s Mom.  It is very distressing that the state accident reconstruction and the DA are taking so long.  If you want to know what kind of a person was “killed by a 19 year old driver”  please go to caringbridge.com site and type in jimweiss (no spaces) and you will find over 2,000 comments that will tell you he never hated anyone.  He always had a smile and has the legacy of “WWJD”
        This stands for anyone “What Would Jim Do”  If anyone has a concern, they just remember “WWJD” and it will take them on the right path.

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