Name Not Yet Released
Name Not Yet Released
Age 17    Stockton, California    January 11 2013
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STOCKTON, CA - A 17-year-old girl died after being struck by a car in Stockton Friday afternoon. She was pronounced dead at an area hospital, according to Stockton police Lt. Tina Zachary. The collision took place on Hammer Lane at Tam O'Shanter Drive at approximately 2:25 p.m. The driver stopped. Zachary said it appears at this time that the collision was an accident. Hammer Lane was closed between Tam O'Shanter and West Lane for the police investigation.

Collision Data

Crash time: between noon and 2:59 p.m.

Closest Intersection: Hammer Lane at Tam O'Shanter Drive

Land use: Urban

Road type: Collector

Where on the road the collision happened: Intersection

Collision type: Cyclist side/Car front end hit

Driver Data

Vehicle type: Unknown

If truck: Unknown

At crash time driver was:

Cyclist Data

At crash time cyclist was:


Source: News Report
Type: TV
Pos/Neg: Neutral
Link if Website:

Legal Status

There is no information on legal status at this point.


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